About Me

Joshua Baldassarre

I'm a freelance graphic designer who has experience working on android app icons, system UI icons, posters, UI design mockups and more. You can see most of my work on the portfolio page.
I will discuss payment via email, through which you can contact me at the bottom of this page.


Task Upfront Total
Minor Tasks €5 €10
Logos €12.50 €25
Banners €7.50 €15
Posters €16 €32
Deals Upfront Total
Logo + Banner
Save 20%
€16 €32
Logo + Banner + Poster
Save ~20%
€28 €56

Contact Me

Here you can contact me via email about potential work you would like me to do. I will try to get back to you ASAP.
Other methods in which you can contact me include Twitter and Telegram.